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Blocking the sun so the haters can’t burn me.

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Steady Lifestyle in the mirror.
My life and hers.

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I wanna go…

but I need a ride.

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*sigh* still in my mind time to time. Having that dream of what it would be like to be a dancer for my favorite NBA team. The Philadelphia 76ers. #sixersdreamteam Having that moment of dancing and cheering in front of 2, 000 to 20, 000 people. But also giving my time and effort to help people and organization around the city
But aye, 19 years old, no dancer experience. Just need to let it go.

Its a passion that will never happen.

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Whenever the #SixersDreamTeam is announced for the new NBA season, you know the Sixers Beach Bash🌊❤ is coming (and also Summer is coming to a end. 😔😭)

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A true friendship.

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Tag your best friend.
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U can’t tell me that Michael didn’t use his edge control like hair grease.